Kash on Dem Leaders and Followers: "They are evil"
Kash Patel on Timcast breaks down the simple difference between dem leaders and dem voters. Read More.
Kash Explains the Seriousness of Russia Bringing Down US Drone
Kash explains on Steve Bannon's War Room podcast how big of a deal it is for Russia to bring down a US drone. Read More.
Kash with Sebastian Gorka One-on-One: How to Stop Government Gangsters
For this One on One, Sebastian talks to Kash about his upcoming book, "Government Gangsters," which details the corruption of the Deep State and how we can fight back against it. Read More.
Exposing the Lies of The Mainstream Media | Interview with Kash Patel at CPAC
Allison Haunss catches up with Kash at CPAC. Kash shares his thoughts on the media coverage of the former President and what needs to happen to restore truth and trust in media. Read More.
J6 Report Reveals Intel Withheld from Intelligence Agency
Kash's full March 14th interview on Steve Bannon's War Room podcast. Read More.
3 of America's Biggest Adversaries Teaming Up with U.S. Allies Because of Joe Biden
Check out this viral clip from Kash's recent appearance on Steve Bannon's War Room podcast! Read More.
Fake News Media Will Always Say Trump Is Wrong
Timcast IRL - GOP REJECTS New J6 Footage From Tucker, DEFENDS Democrats w/Kash. Read More.
J6 Prisoners Release Song: Justice For All
Kash Patel joins the War Room to discuss how American Patriots can help the J6 Prisoners. "We've seen the footage coming out showing the evidence of innocence that so many J6 detainees could have used." Read More.
Donald J. Trump and J6 Prison Choir Release Moving Tribute to J6 Victims - Hits #1 Song Four Hours After Release
Number 1 Song In America: NOW AVAILABLE. All Net Proceeds Go Towards Certain J6 Families In Need. Read More.
Kash on the Kimberly Guilfoyle Show: Trump Dominates CPAC's Straw Poll
Trump Dominates CPAC's Straw Poll- Live Alina Habba and Kash Patel - EPISODE 2 | Kimberly Guilfoyle Read More.
Battleground LIVE at CPAC with Kash Patel
Kash joined Sean Parnell at CPAC 2023 for a conversation on Battleground Podcast. Read More.
CPAC 2023 Clip: Early Voting, Mail-In Ballots Will be Necessary for GOP 2024 Win
Kash says it was a ‘necessary move’ for Donald Trump to emphasize the importance of mail-in ballots ahead of the 2024 election. Read More.
CPAC 2023 Clip: Accountability Starts with Showings Americans the Receipts
Kash discusses how accountability for the past corruption requires educating the American people by showing them the subpoenaed documents. Read More.

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