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Is Texas Holdem your game? Maybe you like to play Rummy, Speed or Spades. Maybe you just like a simple game of Go Fish? Or are you one of those mid-westerners who plays Euchre? Whatever your flavor of play, PLAY IN STYLE (FWK style, that is) with the all new Durham Deck exclusively available at 

Whatever your game may be, enjoy it with a little extra FLAIR. Special cards include: 

  • Kash the distinguished wizard and corruption combatant
  • Durham the defender of the rule of law
  • Devin the crusher, crushing the lies of the media and grapes of his land to make fine wines
  • Comey the Count of corruption, leaking information to the press
  • Adamanda Schiff, the jester, purveyor of lies and deceit with a crown of watermelon
  • Hillary, the dark-hearted seeker of absolute power

This deck features 52 high-quality cards, with a special low offer for those that are serious about learning the truth and how they can help get the message out. The cards have a quality protective coating and top-tier craftmanship to make the cards last for years. The cards are poker size, with jokers and instructions included.

Limited time offer!

Only $19.99 per deck.

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