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Kash Patel Full Speech at CPAC 2024

By: Kash Patel | Source: Fight With Kash Rumble

Kash Patel Full Speech at CPAC 2024

Kash Patel: Gina Haspel is blocking the release of a critical document

By: Kash Patel | Source: Steve Bannon's War Room

Kash Patel tells Steve Bannon, "The binder that Trump declassified is sitting at the DOJ because NARA dropped it off and left it there. Separate from that is John Brennan’s ICA boondoggle intelligence rig job that was done in 3 weeks. Well the Nunes team did the equivalence of the Nunes memo on Brennan’s ICA. That 17-page document sits in a lockbox at the CIA. Do you know who had blocked its release for 4 years? Gina Haspel."

Mel K & Kash Patel | Fighting the Fifth Column: Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming

By: Mel K & Kash Patel | Source: The Mel K Show

Kash Patel, author of the book "Government Gangsters," joins The Mel K Show to dig into the most recent media revelations surrounding Russiagate.

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