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Kash Patel Crushes Deep State Stooge Christopher Steele on Tucker Carlson Tonight

By: Tucker Carlson Tonight | Source: Tucker Carlson Tonight

Tucker discussed the legacy of the debunked 'Steele dossier' with Republican Rep. Devin Nunes and former Trump official, Kash Patel.

Trump DOD Chief: Durham Outlining "Mob Style Conspiracy"

By: Stew Peters Show | Source: Stew Peters Show

Kash Patel joined Stew Peters for insight on the Durham probe, what is to come, and announced the launch of a missile aimed at those that censored, deplatformed or defamed Americans.

Kash’s Corner: ‘Domestic Terrorism’ at School Board Meetings?

By: KASH'S CORNER | Source: The Epoch Times

“There's been too much politicization of what is and is not domestic terrorism.” In this episode of Kash’s Corner...

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