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Donald J. Trump and J6 Prison Choir Release Moving Tribute to J6 Victims - Hits #1 Song Four Hours After Release

By: Team Kash | Source:

Number 1 Song In America: NOW AVAILABLE. All Net Proceeds Go Towards Certain J6 Families In Need.

Kash on the Kimberly Guilfoyle Show: Trump Dominates CPAC's Straw Poll

By: Kimberly Guilfoyle, Alina Habba and Kash Patel | Source: Kimberly Guilfoyle Show

Trump Dominates CPAC's Straw Poll- Live Alina Habba and Kash Patel - EPISODE 2 | Kimberly Guilfoyle

Kash on Collusion Lies, Big Tech Corruption, and Alien Encounters

By: Kash Patel and Donald Trump Jr. | Source: Triggered with Donald Trump Jr. | Rumble

Kash joins Triggered with Donald Trump Jr. to reveal new details on collusion lies, Big Tech corruption, and Alien encounters.

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