Government Gangsters: The Movie
Kash joins War Room to discuss his new upcoming film exposing deep state corruption and government gangsters. Read More.
The Gateway Pundit: One-on-One with Kash on Russiagate and More
One-on-One with Kash on Russiagate, the Mysterious Trump Binder, Gina Haspel and More with Jim Hoft Read More.
Kash Joins Liberty & Justice with Matt Whitaker
Back by popular demand, Kash joins the Liberty & Justice for his sixth guest appearance. Read More.
This Is a Rigged System of Justice
Kash joins 'The Bottom Line' on Fox Business. Read More.
Fani Willis’ Offensive Behavior to the Court Highlights Her View of the Judicial System
Kash blasts Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis for her behavior during a court hearing Thursday regarding her relationship with special prosecutor Nathan Wade. Read More.
The Devil Went Down to Georgia
Kash says DA Fani Willis and prosecutor Nathan Wade should be disbarred for their improper relationship and conflict of interest. Read More.
Kash Patel: Gina Haspel is blocking the release of a critical document
Kash Patel tells Steve Bannon, "The binder that Trump declassified is sitting at the DOJ because NARA dropped it off and left it there. Separate from that is John Brennan’s ICA boondoggle intelligence rig job that was done in 3 weeks. Well the Nunes team did the equivalence of the Nunes memo on Brennan’s ICA. That 17-page document sits in a lockbox at the CIA. Do you know who had blocked its release for 4 years? Gina Haspel." Read More.
Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming
Kash on The Mel K Show: Fighting the Fifth Column Read More.
Mel K & Kash Patel | Fighting the Fifth Column: Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming
Kash Patel, author of the book "Government Gangsters," joins The Mel K Show to dig into the most recent media revelations surrounding Russiagate. Read More.
Kash on the Steak for Breakfast Podcast
Senate advances it’s $95 billion-dollar, supplemental foreign aid package for Ukraine and friends and we’re tracking the latest. Read More.
Can we beat the Deep State? Kash Patel with Sebastian Gorka One on One
Sebastian talks to Kash Patel, author of the book "Government Gangsters," about how a second Trump Administration could finally take down the Deep State. Read More.
Can we beat the Deep State?
Sebastian talks to Kash about how to take down the Deep State. Read More.
Selfish Swamp Members Don't Care About the Harm They've Done
Kash describes the political retribution that members of the Swamp have tried to unleash upon President Trump, who has exposed their corruption. Read More.
It Doesn’t Take Rocket Science to Build a Border Wall
Kash at the ReAwaken America Tour: "They Are Evil & Intelligent." Read More.
More Than Just a Nickname
The DOJ essentially said today that Joe Biden has dementia. Kash tells Steve Bannon that there's more to add to this national security threat. Read More.

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