Joe Biden's Intentional Decision to Change How We Protect This Country
Kash: President Trump prioritized threats to America by different tiers. For Trump, Tier One included Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Iran, Russia, China, the cartels, the border, and human trafficking. Read More.
Real America's Voice: A Collision of Cataclysmic Events
Kash tells David Zere that inflation and a substantial number of illegal immigrants coming through America's borders is tragic. Read More.
Kash on The Mel K Show: Government Gangsters Have Overplayed Their Hand
Kash joined The Mel K Show on October 12th | Government Gangsters Have Overplayed Their Hand. Read More.
Kash on American Thought Leaders: Strategies to Curb the Deep State
Kash on American Thought Leaders discusses his new book, “Government Gangsters: The Deep State, the Truth, and the Battle for Our Democracy.” Read More.
Kash on One America News: Deep State Will Turn on Democrats
Kash joins One America News for an exclusive interview. Read More.
Kash Patel: How Did the Biden Administration Miss WORLD WAR III?
Instead of analyzing how the world’s supreme intelligence agencies and superpowers missed HAMAS’ attack on Israel, the media is sensationalizing its actuality. That’s the scary part, its not a miss, it’s a deliberate act of weaponization by the Biden administration of our national security apparatus. Read More.
AMAC: Exposing Government Gangsters Who Run the Deep State
Kash joins the AMAC podcast and provides great detail about how the Deep State transcends partisanship as his new book, Government Gangsters, calls out more Republicans than Democrats. Read More.
The Bad Guys Are Getting Rich Off of Biden's Policies
Kash and former National Security Adviser KT McFarland tell ‘The Bottom Line’ that the Biden administration ‘owns’ the attack on Israel. Read More.
How Did the Biden Administration Miss World War III?
Kash joins Bannon's War Room on Real America's Voice. Read More.
Hamas Attack Enabled by Biden Diverting National Security Resources to Radical Leftwing Agendas
Kash joins Bannon's War Room on Real America's Voice: "Hamas’ Attack Was Enabled By Biden Diverting National Security Resources To Radical Leftwing Agendas." Read More.
New York Fraud Case Against Trump ‘Grotesquely Unfair’
Kash joined NTD News' Capitol Report to speak on how people reacted to former President Donald Trump’s latest trial in the New York business fraud case. Read More.
McCarthy OUSTED! What Happens Next?
Check out Kash on Nino's Corner. Read More.
House Could Use 150-Year-Old Law to Arrest People - Will the Obama’s Take the Bait?
Kash discusses how Biden crimes are being exposed to the world and that Government Gangsters are real and there are a lot more of them than Americans realize. Read More.
Kash Is Naming Names in His Brand-New Book Government Gangsters
Kash joins Jack Posobiec and talks about fighting back against the Biden Administration and deep state when they attempted to block the publication of ‘Government Gangsters.’ Read More.
Why the Government Tried to Stop the Release Kash's New Book Government Gangsters
Kash talks about his new book ‘Government Gangsters,’ what many are calling the Bible for people who are wanting to understand the recent weaponization by the federal government and how the government has turned against its people to settle political scores instead of addressing legal or regulatory issues. Read More.

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