The Plot Against The King Ft. John Rich, Jeffrey Steele, Vicky McGehee
Beethoven/Scorsese/Salinger have just been retired- we partnered with country music legend @JohnRich for #PATK Ultra Ballad Video Smash: Sing along & grab a copy of @ThePlotAgainstTheKing books skyrocketing to No. 1 Read More.
EXCLUSIVE: Kash Patel Talks His Latest Brave Book: 'Plot Against The King 2' and Whether the DOJ Can Survive
Back in May, RedState covered Brave Books’ The Plot Against the King, featuring Kash Patel, the Former Chief of Staff for the Department of Defense and Deputy Assistant to Donald J. Trump. Read More.
Kash goes on Bannon's WAR ROOM, announces book sequel!
Kash Patel goes on the war room to discuss the release of his new book The Plot Against the King 2. Read More.
Defendant Igor Danchenko's Opposition to the Government's Motions in Limine
Defendant Igor Danchenko, by and through counsel, respectfully submits this opposition to the Special Counsel’s Motions in Limine. Read More.
Government's Opposition to Danchenko Motion to Dismiss Indictment
The United States of America, by and through its attorney, Special Counsel John H. Durham, respectfully submits this opposition to the defendant’s Motion to Dismiss the Indictment for Failure to State an Offense (Docket No. 79, hereinafter “Def. Mot.”). Read More.
Kash's Corner : The ‘Confidential Human Sources’ Sham | Special Episode With Guest-Host Lee Smith
New York Times best-selling author Lee Smith guest hosts with Jan Jekielek and dives into new John Durham filings in the Igor Danchenko case. Read More.
Defendant Igor Danchenko's Objections to the Government's Proposed Trial Exhibits
Defendant Igor Danchenko submitted his objections to the Special Counsel’s proposed trial exhibits. Read More.
DurhamWatch Thread Sept 16, 2022 Danchenko edition
Igor Danchenko, the main source of the collection of lies that made up the Russiagate Dossier, was paid by the FBI. Read More.
USA v. Danchenko Motion for Unsealing Order
Consent motion for unsealing order. Read More.
Kash Patel: All Roads Lead to Russiagate
Kash Patel discusses the Special Master ruling with Jan Jekielek. Read More.
The (UN) OFFICIAL and (IM) PERFECT guide to embedding Truth Posts onto your website!
Now, you can embed truth posts on websites, emails and LOTS of places across the internet using HTML. Read More.
USA v. Danchenko Assistant Attorney General
The Attorney General, pursuant to Section 14 of the Classified Information Procedures Act, 18 U.S.C. App. III (hereinafter CIPA or "the Act"), has designated the Assistant Attorney General, National Security Division, to exercise or perform the functions and duties conferred on the Attorney General and the Deputy Attorney General by the Act Read More.
USA v. Danchenko Withdrawal of Appearance Protection Order
Protective order pursuant to Section 4 of the Classified Information Procedures Act and Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 16(D)(I) Read More.

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