Kash Joins ‘The Bottom Line’ to Discuss the Attack that Killed Three US Soldiers
Kash and Dan Hoffman discuss the attack by Iranian proxies that killed three U.S. soldiers in Jordan on ‘The Bottom Line.’ Read More.
Americans Soldiers Under Attack Across the Globe
Kash joins Steve Bannon's War Room show on Real America's Voice on January 29th, 2024. Read More.
Deep State Border Standoff with Kash on Flash Point
Kash joins Flash Point with Gene Bailey to discuss the border standoff between the Deep State and Texas. Read More.
Kash Patel Talks High Threat of Terrorism at the Border
Kash Patel joined Dan Ball of One America News to discuss current U.S. southern border crisis and taking down the Deep State. Read More.
High Threat of Terrorism at the Border
Real America - Dan Ball with Kash - High Threat of Terrorism at the Border - 1/25/2024. Read More.
Funding Terrorism?
Kash and Keith Kellogg joins Kudlow on Fox Business. Read More.
Elites Tell Americans They Have Too Much Freedom
Vince speaks with Kash about Nancy Pelosi’s J6 committee trying to destroy files ahead of the GOP’s takeover and Fanni Willis’ corrupt prosecution. Read More.
Kash on the Roseanne Barr Podcast: Fani Willis's Giant Panis
Check out Kash on Episode 31 of The Roseanne Barr Podcast. Read More.
Don't Miss Kash on Devin Nunes Unplugged!
Episode 285 of the Devin Nunes Podcast with Kash and special guest performer Aaron Lewis. Read More.
Defense Sec Austin's Disappearance Is Unacceptable
Lloyd Austin is out of the hospital but will work from home. Kash tells Grant Stinchfield that's unacceptable. Read More.
KASH: Jan 6: Who are the Actual Insurrectionists?
Joe Biden’s unhinged ramblings on Friday showed the Democrats’ January 6th narrative is crumbling, the deep state is on defense, and there is a massive corruption cover-up underway- all hiding behind their perversion of insurrection. Read More.
SecDef Austin Deliberately Didn't Tell Biden
Sebastian talks to Kash about the complete failure of the chain of command that led to Lloyd Austin going AWOL as Secretary of Defense. Read More.
This Is A Disastrous National Security Failure
Kash reacts to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s secret hospitalization for prostate cancer and its implications on 'The Bottom Line.' Read More.

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