Kash Discusses the New Trump Indictment, Devon Archer and More!
Kash joins Just the News to discuss the breaking news of Special Counsel Jack Smith indicting President Trump, Devon Archer’s bombshell testimony on Bidens’ dealings with Burisma and more! Read More.
Kash Calls Out Mainstream Media for Ignoring Devon Archer Testimony
Kash tells Grant Stinchfield that CNN, the NYT, and Washington Post reported not one word about Devon Archer's damning testimony today. Read More.
Kash: We Need to Show the American People How Corrupt the FBI and the DOJ Is!
Kash joins the War Room podcast and tells Steve that a detailed investigation into federal agencies is required to take down the corruption of Biden's White House. Read More.
Kash Breaks Down the Collapse of Hunter Biden's Plea Deal
Kash joins The Benny Show and breaks down the collapse of Hunter Biden's plea deal. Read More.
Kash: Congress Needs to Hold Hearing with Garland, Monaco and Wray on Hunter Biden Cover-Up
Kash joins the War Room podcast and tells Steve Bannon that Congress needs to hold hearing with Garland, Monaco, and Wray on Hunter Biden cover-up. Read More.
WAR ROOM: Kash Explains How We Impeach Wray and Garland
Kash joins Steve Bannon's War Room podcast saying the GOP needs to be strategic in approaching impeachment of FBI Director Wray and AG Merrick Garland... Read More.
KASH PATEL: Forget Joe Biden, It's Time For Congress To Hold Merrick Garland And Christopher Wray To Account
President Joe Biden and his administration appear to have lied at least four times about the president’s ‘relationship’ with Hunter and business deals in China, Ukraine, and elsewhere. Although many are rightfully calling for his impeachment, blaming Biden alone misses the bigger problem. Read More.
Kash on Fox & Friends: Biden has Changed his Story at Least Four Times
Kash joins 'Fox & Friends' to discuss President Biden's potential connection to Hunter's foreign business dealings. Read More.
Kash at The ReAwaken America Tour: The Media is the Number One Enemy in this Country
Watch this clip from Kash's speech at The ReAwaken America Tour! Read More.
Kash at The ReAwaken America Tour: We Have Nothing To Hide But The Truth
Check out this clip of Kash's speech at The ReAwaken American Tour. Read More.
White House Cocaine Coverup: Secret Service Leadership Are Destroying Their Credibility
Kash reacts to what’s happening with the White House cocaine coverup after the Secret Service abruptly closed their investigation last Friday. Read More.
John Solomon with Kash on AMERICA First: Chris Wray on the Hot Seat
Kash, filling in for Dr. Gorka, talks to Just The News founder John Solomon about the latest on the White House cocaine scandal, and what Congress can do next to hold the Deep State accountable. Read More.
Did DOJ Officials Lie to a Grand Jury to Spy on My Staff during Russia Hoax?
Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes joins guest host Kash Patel on 'America First with Sebastian Gorka,' July 17, 2023. Read More.
Kash Reacts to House Investigation into the FBI Spying on House Russia Hoax Investigation
Kash Patel joins American Sunrise and shares his reaction to the House Judiciary Committee opening an investigation into the FBI spying on former Rep. Devin Nunes’ staffers during the Russia Hoax investigation. Read More.
Kash's Criminal Referral of Representative Dan Goldman
Kash sends a notice to the DOJ: Rep. Goldman broke the law, must be investigated. Read More.

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