DOJ’s Unlawful Conduct Is the Sole Basis for FISA Reform
Kash says the FBI and DOJ's warrantless surveillance of Americans is the sole reason the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act needs to be reformed. Read More.
Congress Should Take a Closer look at China's Temu
Another CCP company poses greater data security threat than TikTok. Read More.
Liz Cheney and the J6 Committee “Buried Evidence”
The Federalist reported that the Jan 6th Select Committee suppressed evidence. But former Rep. Liz Cheney denounced the report. So, what’s the truth? Glenn Beck gets to the bottom of it with Kash. Read More.
Faith & Freedom: Kash, Kaya Jones and Ted Nugent
Kash returns to Faith & Freedom to discuss the looming threat to our constitutional rights. Read More.
Congress Should Subpoena J6 Committee Members Who Lied to the American Public
Kash wants to see Congress subpoena former #J6 select committee members that lied to the American people. Read More.
Judge Overseeing Hush-Money Case Should be Looked at for Ethical Violations
Kash slams New York Judge Juan Merchan’s behavior in the Alvin Bragg case. Read More.
This Type of Behavior is Completely Inappropriate
Kash slams New York Judge Juan Merchan’s behavior in DA Alvin Bragg's criminal case. Read More.
This was a Humiliation for Letitia James
'The Bottom Line' panelists David Webb, Charlie Hurt and Kash Patel discuss a New York appeals court reducing the former president's New York civil fraud bond by more than half. Read More.
Who Could Have Caused the Russian Terror Attack?
Kash says "anyone and everyone of a larger number of terrorist organizations" could have caused the Russian terror attack. Read More.
The Dishonesty of Liz Cheney
Kash and contends that the Jan 6th House committee suppressed key testimony on the Bill O'Reilly Show. Read More.
Kash Explains the New Jan 6 Report
In this episode, I sit down with Kash and dive into the Initial Findings Report on Jan. 6 by the House Oversight Committe. Read More.
January 6 Committee Deleted Records and Hid Evidence
Check out Kash on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo. Read More.
Bombshell Evidence Suppressed by J6 Committee
Check out Kash's appearance on The Charlie Kirk Show! Read More.
Deep State’s Ultimate Weapon of Choice is the Two-Tiered System of Justice
Kash Patel tells Charlie Kirk that the most consequential issue is the DOJ’s weaponization of the justice system. Read More.

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