Kash on War Room: Start Impeachment Proceedings Against Biden Cabinet Officials
Check out this clip from a special episode of Bannon's War Room Live Podcast from Miami at the "ReAwaken America" Tour. Read More.
Kash Joins Peter Navarro and General Flynn Live from Miami at the "Reawaken America" Tour
Don't miss this special episode of Bannon's War Room podcast live from the Miami stop on the "ReAwaken America" Tour featuring Kash, Peter Navarro and General Flynn! Read More.
Kash: "Mark Zaid Represents 9 of the Guys Who Signed the 51 Intel Letter"
Check out this clip from Kash's recent appearance on Steve Bannon's War Room podcast! Read More.
Bannon's War Room: Kash Live in Studio - The Lies of the Administrative State
Check out Episode 2717 of Steve Bannon's War Room Podcast: Kash Patel Live in Studio - The Lies of the Administrative State. Read More.
Lack of Accountability Allows America's Two-Tiered Justice System to Thrive
Kash joins the War Room with Steve Bannon to discuss how he believes the lack of accountability and oversight over the DOJ and other federal agencies has allowed the two-tiered system of justice in the United States to go unchecked. Read More.
Digital Fentanyl: The CCP's Cyber Campaign to Destroy America
The Chinese Communist Party has always played the long game. It's pivotal to their strength. They have a disciplined ability to think generationally rather than focus on... Read More.
Political Protection Racket? Investigators Discover New Details In Hunter Biden Probe
Devin Nunes and Real America’s Voice Contributor Kash Patel join Ed Henry and react to the news that there’s explosive new alleged evidence of a Biden pay to play scheme from an FBI #Whistleblower. Read More.
Kash Takes on Government Gangsters as Guest Host of AMERICA First
Kash Patel fills in for Sebastian, with special guests Matt Boyle, John Solomon, Rep. Jim Jordan, and Lee Smith. Read More.
The Truth about the Hunter Biden Laptop Letter with Jim Jordan
On his first-ever radio broadcast, guest host Kash Patel talks to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan about the revelations that Secretary of State Antony Blinken orchestrated the "intelligence community" letter attacking the Hunter Biden laptop story, and what the GOP in Congress plans to do about it. Read More.
Devin Nunes with Kash on America First: The Deep State, Big Tech and Wine
Guest host Kash talks to Devin Nunes about the success of Truth Social, the latest evidence of Deep State and Big Tech corruption, and Devin's wine-making skills. Read More.
Hunter Will Be Indicted - Deep State Advocated an Overthrow and Rule of Law Must Be Followed News
Kash begins the conversation talking the firing of Tucker, then the conversation moves into how Hunter will be indicted. The Deep State advocated the overthrow of the US government and the rule of law must be followed. The people are being exposed to their crimes. Read More.
Will Ukraine Be the Next Afghanistan?
Kash joins Glenn to explain his most important takeaways from the leak, including why he believes the US will have boots on the ground in Ukraine "in a year," turning it into America's next Afghanistan. Read More.
Biden Admin Is Trying to Bury the Ukraine Intel Leak
Kash joins Charlie Kirk to discuss what’s been learned from the classified intelligence leak regarding Ukraine and how the Biden administration has been LYING to the American people. Read More.
Kash Exposes the Suspicious Circumstances Surrounding U.S. Intelligence Leaks
Check out this clip from Kash's appearance on The Charlie Kirk Show. Read More.

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