The Constitutional Guillotine: The End of the Deep State

Where have all the due process constitutionalists gone? You may be pondering this very thing: groups like the ACLU, or fervent public defenders, or even those liberals who vigorously defend the rights of individuals accused of damaging public property under the banner of terrorism. I question their actual commitment to due process, as they are the cheerleaders of its unlawful application by the Deep State to prosecute President Trump.

Consider the allegations of evidence destruction, prosecutorial bastardization of due process, and judicial misconduct. You might ask yourself, which option is the most corrupt? While District Attorney Alvin Bragg has admitted to deleting pages of evidence; the infamous pair, Willis and Wade, not only monetarily benefited from their prosecutorial misconduct but also lied to the court about it and their clandestine affair. Meanwhile, Judge Chutkan steam rolls over the constitution, improperly presiding over a case that demands her recusal, just like when she self-recused from all things Donald Trump and Russia Gate circa 2017. Despite these examples, they are not the most corrupt.

In 2021, under Merrick Garland, the DOJ, buttressed by President Biden and his White House, lied about the independence of their investigation into Donald Trump and certain ‘classified’ documents. President Biden rescinded presidential privileges to allow for Trump’s prosecution. Direct communications between National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), DOJ, and Biden’s white house counsel ensued, discussing the handling of these documents post-presidency. Their own communications (recently disclosed) revealed instructions from the Biden administration and DOJ to NARA, directing them not to comply with inquiries regarding the documents, followed by a subsequent request from NARA to DOJ to investigate Trump.

Recent legal pleadings, disclosed by Judge Cannon in Trump’s Florida case show a total abdication of due process. These records reveal that the boxes in question were actually in the custody of Biden’s Government Services Administration (GSA) in Washington D.C., stored in unsecure locations. The GSA even contacted Trump’s representatives to determine the destination for these documents before shipping them to Mar-a-Lago. This revelation raises serious questions about the basis of the unlawful raid on the president’s home, via a "What’sApp Warrant.” NARA previously conceded to NBC in February 2022 that they found classified documents in the boxes at Mar-a-Lago and subsequently notified the DOJ. Were these documents, the one’s NARA/GSA had shipped down to south Florida, deemed illegal during transit? This critical information recently came to light because Judge Cannon revealed Jack Smith and his team of constitutional jackals’ concealment and redactions in legal filings to hide misconduct.

After being exposed, Jack Smith and his incinerators of due process committed the ultimate legal sin: they lied to the judge. Their primary aim was to hide their unconstitutional actions, crucially from President Trump, who was the most significantly affected as the defendant. When their misconduct was uncovered, in storied swamp fashion, they used corruption as a shield.

More unredacted pleadings released by Judge Cannon have revealed that Jay Bratt and Jack Smith tampered with the documents found at Mar-a-Lago, creating confusion over their origins, and they subsequently admitted to misleading the court about these actions. This severe mishandling of evidence and the subsequent lies point to a deliberate attempt by the DOJ to manipulate legal proceedings. Such actions are what prosecutors like myself classify as incontrovertible evidence of corruption. With Smith’s rig team scrambling to fabricate warrants and stage bogus displays of ‘classified documents,’ one must ask: How much more corruption must be unveiled before justice is served and the DOJ is held accountable?

For those quick to dismiss these assertions as mere political rhetoric, remember that I led the Russia Gate investigation and authored the Nunes Memo, which has since been thoroughly validated. Drawing on my background as a public defender, I understand that true criminals often know the best evidence against them and excel in concealing it. The real government gangsters this time are deeply embedded within the DOJ and FBI.

As the details continue to unravel, it is becoming increasingly clear that Judge Cannon may soon wield what could be metaphorically called a ‘constitutional guillotine.’ This decisive action has the potential to end entrenched corruption within these agencies and restore the integrity of our justice system. The demand to eradicate ‘unconstitutional’ practices resonates powerfully with those who seek genuine constitutional due process. It’s time for a bold stand to reclaim justice and ensure that our constitutional values are upheld for all.

This article was originally published on on May 17th, 2024.

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