Kash on Megyn Kelly: Is Gov. Ron DeSantis Former President Donald Trump Without the Baggage?
Megyn Kelly is joined by Kash to discuss former President Trump’s campaign style versus Ron DeSantis’s, his push for less “entertainment governing” while still campaigning through social media, whether DeSantis is Trump without the baggage, and more. Read More.
Kash Patel joins Megyn Kelly to discuss the start of the presidential cycle
Former Chief of Staff to the Department of Defense, Kash Patel, joins Megyn Kelly to discuss the bumpy start to the presidential cycle. Read More.
Kash Joins Roger Stone to Discuss The Durham Report, Government Gangsters and More
Kash join Roger Stone on the StoneZONE to discuss the truth about the Durham Report. Read More.
The Kash Foundation is Mission First, all day every day. We provide support to brave Patriots who protect our nation while the radical left and government gangsters destroy the essence of our republic with their two tier system of justice. Having a charitable foundation is not a monopoly they own. We are committed to the truth and give financial assistance to those in need, especially the courageous Americans who shed sunlight on government corruption. We will never stop our Mission, join us. Read More.
Kash with Sebastian Gorka: General Mike Hayden Is Also a Traitor
Sebastian talks to Kash Patel about the release of the Durham report, and how it vindicates what Kash has written about in his new book "Government Gangsters," which the Deep State is currently trying to block from publication. Read More.
Durham's Disaster
Special Counsel John Durham’s long-awaited report is a massive disappointment. He lays out reams of long-established facts in a comprehensive manner that will prove useful to posterity, but his utter failure to hold corrupt coup-plotters accountable will only further embolden Deep State government gangsters. Durham had the rarest of opportunities: to restore faith in what is left of our republic. I was Durham’s biggest champion. He failed. Read More.
Kash BLASTS John Durham on the Charlie Kirk Show
Kash joins Charlie Kirk to delve into the Durham Report and vehemently denounce Durham for his role in an attempted insurrection against our Republic. Read More.
Kash Reacts to Shocking Findings in the Durham Report
Special Counsel John Durham released his final report today investigating the origins of the Russia Collusion Hoax. Real America’s Voice Contributor Kash joins Just the News, No Noise with his reaction and more! Read More.
The Durham Report
Report on Matters Related to Intelligence Activities Arising Out of the 2016 Presidential Campaigns. Special Counsel John H. Durham's final two - part report for permit public dissemination. Read More.
Devin Nunes Unplugged: This Week in Video with Kash and Steve Inman
Check out Kash's latest appearance on the Devin Nunes Unplugged podcast with Devin Nunes and Steve Inman! Read More.
Kash on War Room: Start Impeachment Proceedings Against Biden Cabinet Officials
Check out this clip from a special episode of Bannon's War Room Live Podcast from Miami at the "ReAwaken America" Tour. Read More.
Kash Joins Peter Navarro and General Flynn Live from Miami at the "Reawaken America" Tour
Don't miss this special episode of Bannon's War Room podcast live from the Miami stop on the "ReAwaken America" Tour featuring Kash, Peter Navarro and General Flynn! Read More.
Kash: "Mark Zaid Represents 9 of the Guys Who Signed the 51 Intel Letter"
Check out this clip from Kash's recent appearance on Steve Bannon's War Room podcast! Read More.
Bannon's War Room: Kash Live in Studio - The Lies of the Administrative State
Check out Episode 2717 of Steve Bannon's War Room Podcast: Kash Patel Live in Studio - The Lies of the Administrative State. Read More.
Lack of Accountability Allows America's Two-Tiered Justice System to Thrive
Kash joins the War Room with Steve Bannon to discuss how he believes the lack of accountability and oversight over the DOJ and other federal agencies has allowed the two-tiered system of justice in the United States to go unchecked. Read More.

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