Kash's Criminal Referral of Representative Dan Goldman
Kash sends a notice to the DOJ: Rep. Goldman broke the law, must be investigated. Read More.
The Deep State Exposed and AI Unveiled
Kash joins the broadcast to discuss his book Government Gangsters and Bob Muglia goes into AI and his book Dataprenuers Read More.
Kash Blasts the FBI’s Unlawful Surveillance of Congressional Staffers
Kash slams the FBI and DOJ’s unlawful targeting of himself and other senior congressional staffers during the Trump admin. “If they did this then, what do you think they’re doing to staffers now?” Read More.
We caught FBI/DOJ unlawfully spying on senior congressional staffers- say it with me, all roads lead to Russia Gate
Probe opened into FBI targeting of House Intelligence committee staffers during Russia probe. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan demands evidence from FBI, suggests snooping on Devin Nunes' staff may have been "retaliation." Read More.
Kash Joins American Sunrise to Discuss Sound of Freedom and Wray Testimony
Kash talks about the media and the Left’s attacks against Sound of Freedom and the testimony of FBI Director Wray today in front of House judiciary. Read More.
Zelenskyy Is in No Position to Complain about Anything after $120 Billion Sent
Kash joins Grant Stinchfield on Stinchfield Tonight on Real America's Voice. Read More.
Kash Joins AMERICA First with Sebastian Gorka: The Magic Bag of White House Cocaine
Sebastian and Kash talk about the bizarre cocaine scandal in Biden's White House as well as DeSantis' absurd claim that President Trump colluded with Big Tech to censor conservatives in 2020. Read More.
Kash Joins the Liberty & Justice Podcast with Matt Whitaker - Season 2, Episode 23
Kash joins Liberty & Justice with host Matt Whitaker Season 2, Episode 23. This is Kash’s fifth appearance as a L&J guest and is back by popular demand. Read More.
Kash on Thrivetime Show: Is Our Country Going to Hell or Will Things Turn Out Well?
Kash joins The Thrivetime Show at the The ReAwaken America Tour. Read More.
Kash on the Illegal Leak of the Trump Audio: ‘Their Indictment is Imploding’
Kash breaks down how the illegal leak of the Trump audio affects the special counsel’s case. Read More.
How We Know the DOJ's Case Against Trump is Imploding
Kash joins The Charlie Kirk Show to discuss how we know the DOJ's case against Donald Trump is imploding. Read More.
Kash on Kudlow: Putin may have Staged this Operation
Kash reacts to Wagner Group's military advances on 'Kudlow.' Read More.
Was the Russian Coup Staged?
Kash joins Stinchfield tonight, says not all is as it seems in Russia. Read More.
Kash Joins Roger Stone on the StoneZone: The Latest Biden Crime Family Cover Up
Kash discusses the latest Biden Crime Family cover up live on the StoneZone Read More.

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