Two Tiers of Justice
The elite set of individuals that sit atop our federal agencies have completely weaponized our entire government apparatus. Read More.
Two - Tier Justice: The FBI and DOJ rewrite the rulebook when it favors Democrats
Former Trump DOD chief of staff Kash Patel discusses Rep. James Comer accusing the FBI of a ‘coverup’ regarding Joe Biden... Read More.
Kash Patel: They’ve created a two tier justice system. We've got to run on bringing it down.
Leadership at the DoJ and FBI have weaponized law enforcement, every American sees the two-tier justice system unfolding across the US. We must restore the rule of law... Read More.
Kash Tells All: House Hearings to Get Explosive!
Check out Kash on the Nino's Corner podcast! Read More.
Kash: It’s about Time to Release the #J6Footage
Former Federal Prosecutor Kash Patel says it’s critically important the #J6Footage was made public for Americans to develop their own informed opinions. Read More.
Kash Tells Jack Posobiec the Truth about John Durham
Kash tells the truth about John Durham: "This was the one man in US history that had the opportunity to destroy the two-tiered system of justice that the far-left and media have stood up and built over the last 10 years...and he failed." Read More.
Kash: Charging Trump would be the Singular Biggest Mistake in the DOJ's History
Kash on Human Events Daily with Jack Posobiec: "If they go out and charge President Trump, it will be the singular biggest mistake this Department of Justice has made in its entire history, and it might just hand President Trump the presidency." Read More.
Kash Tells Jack Posobiec About the Difficulties Getting His New Book Published
Kash joins Jack Posobiec on Human Events Daily to discuss the difficulties in getting his new book published. Read More.
Kash on Megyn Kelly: Is Gov. Ron DeSantis Former President Donald Trump Without the Baggage?
Megyn Kelly is joined by Kash to discuss former President Trump’s campaign style versus Ron DeSantis’s, his push for less “entertainment governing” while still campaigning through social media, whether DeSantis is Trump without the baggage, and more. Read More.
Kash Patel joins Megyn Kelly to discuss the start of the presidential cycle
Former Chief of Staff to the Department of Defense, Kash Patel, joins Megyn Kelly to discuss the bumpy start to the presidential cycle. Read More.
Kash Joins Roger Stone to Discuss The Durham Report, Government Gangsters and More
Kash join Roger Stone on the StoneZONE to discuss the truth about the Durham Report. Read More.
The Kash Foundation is Mission First, all day every day. We provide support to brave Patriots who protect our nation while the radical left and government gangsters destroy the essence of our republic with their two tier system of justice. Having a charitable foundation is not a monopoly they own. We are committed to the truth and give financial assistance to those in need, especially the courageous Americans who shed sunlight on government corruption. We will never stop our Mission, join us. Read More.
Kash with Sebastian Gorka: General Mike Hayden Is Also a Traitor
Sebastian talks to Kash Patel about the release of the Durham report, and how it vindicates what Kash has written about in his new book "Government Gangsters," which the Deep State is currently trying to block from publication. Read More.
Durham's Disaster
Special Counsel John Durham’s long-awaited report is a massive disappointment. He lays out reams of long-established facts in a comprehensive manner that will prove useful to posterity, but his utter failure to hold corrupt coup-plotters accountable will only further embolden Deep State government gangsters. Durham had the rarest of opportunities: to restore faith in what is left of our republic. I was Durham’s biggest champion. He failed. Read More.
Kash BLASTS John Durham on the Charlie Kirk Show
Kash joins Charlie Kirk to delve into the Durham Report and vehemently denounce Durham for his role in an attempted insurrection against our Republic. Read More.

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