Kash Shares Initial Reaction to President Trump's Indictment
Kash Patel shares his initial reaction to the news that the Manhattan Grand Jury is indicting President Trump. “The New York Prosecutors violated the one thing about grand juries you’re never supposed to violate — which is leaking to the public when it suits a political narrative.” Read More.
Americans See the Two-Tiered Justice System
Kash says Americans are paying attention and see the two-tiered justice system as the DAs in New York and Georgia attempt to possibly indict President @realDonaldTrump. Read More.
Success of ‘Justice for All’ Proves the J6 Prisoners Are on the Minds of the American People
Kash says the tremendous success of ‘Justice for All’ topping the Billboard digital charts proves that “the mistreatment of the January 6th prisoners is front and center on so many peoples’ minds.” #J6 #Jan6th #J6choir Read More.
Kash Tells Jack Posobiec: "They're Still Going to Try to Get Trump"
In an appearance on Real America's Voice, Kash tells Jack Posobiec: "They're still going to try to 'get Trump,' and if they can't get Trump, they're going to try to get someone in close to Trump's universe." Read More.
Kash on Cavuto: They Need to Ban TikTok
Check out Kash's Fox Business interview on Cavuto. Read More.
Kash on X22 Report: In the End the Deep State Will Cease to Exist
Kash joins the X22 Report to talk about the J6 song that hit number 1, his lawsuit against Politico where he's going to depose Deep State players. Read More.
Kash and Devin Nunes on the Amazing Success of ‘Justice for All’
Kash and Devin Nunes join Ed Henry and Karyn Turk to discuss the incredible success of ‘Justice for All’ debuting on Truth Social and hitting #1 on Billboard! #j6prisonchoir. Read More.
Kash on Kudlow: This Will Backfire on the Left
Kash weighs in on the impact of a Trump indictment on 'Kudlow.' Read More.
Devin Nunes Unplugged with Kash and John Rich: Truth Social Hit Maker
Episode 252 of the Devin Nunes Podcast with John Rich and Kash Patel. Read More.
Is It Time for Republican AGs and DAs to Investigate and Indict Democrats?
Kash and Charlie Kirk discuss the possibility of Republican AGs and DAs investigating Democrats. “What if our AGs in everyday America started chasing down Democrats who we know actually commit crimes.” Read More.
Kash on Dem Leaders and Followers: "They are evil"
Kash Patel on Timcast breaks down the simple difference between dem leaders and dem voters. Read More.
Kash Explains the Seriousness of Russia Bringing Down US Drone
Kash explains on Steve Bannon's War Room podcast how big of a deal it is for Russia to bring down a US drone. Read More.
Kash with Sebastian Gorka One-on-One: How to Stop Government Gangsters
For this One on One, Sebastian talks to Kash about his upcoming book, "Government Gangsters," which details the corruption of the Deep State and how we can fight back against it. Read More.
Exposing the Lies of The Mainstream Media | Interview with Kash Patel at CPAC
Allison Haunss catches up with Kash at CPAC. Kash shares his thoughts on the media coverage of the former President and what needs to happen to restore truth and trust in media. Read More.

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