Democrats Don’t Want Biden to Run - Looking for an Exit Strategy
Kash says Democrats don’t want Biden to run for reelection and warns that the House Republicans initiating an impeachment inquiry may just be doing the Democrats dirty work for them. Read More.
Kash Joins the Moms on a Mission Podcast
Kash shares that we have to vote for President Trump in 2024 or we will not have another chance to stop this two-tier system of Justice. Kash discusses his new book, Government Gangsters, and shares how he calls out these Government Gangsters by name along with providing a roadmap to save America! Read More.
More Indictments Coming in Fulton County?
Check out this clip from Kash on The Charlie Kirk Show. Read More.
Kash on Flyover Conservatives: Exposing Government Gangsters
Kash breaks down the cast of characters that make up the deep state. “We are going to take back the White House, expose and remove the deep state and drain the Swamp once and for all!” Read More.
Kash's Government Gangsters Book Tour Kickoff in the Villages
Watch Kash's entire speech at his "Government Gangsters" book signing tour kickoff event in the Villages, FL. Read More.
Antony Blinken's Tradecraft at Rigging Presidential Elections and Lying to Americans
Kash says Secretary of State Antony Blinken orchestrated with the former CIA deputy director Michael Morell. The two men compelled three former CIA directors, a former NSA director, and a former high-level DOD official to deny the veracity of the Hunter Biden laptop story. Read More.
Kash on The Charlie Ward Show: The Plot Against The King
Check out Kash's appearance on CharlieWard.TV! Read More.
Quick Urgent Updates from Kash at the ReAwaken America Tour Las Vegas
All things Biden family, Trump presidency, Hunter Witness Intimidation, GA Trump arrest & two-tier system of justice! Read More.
Kash Demands Impeachment of Wray and Garland as DOJ Exposed for Caving to Threats by Joe Biden
Kash joins Benny Johnson to react to the news that Hunter Biden's lawyers threatened to subpoena Joe Biden to take the witness stand against the DOJ. Read More.
Kash on X22 Report: It’s All About to Boomerang on the Deep State
Kash discusses how Biden is compromised and says there's enough evidence to bring charges. Read More.
Kash on AMERICA First with Sebastian Gorka: How to Protect President Trump and Plans for a 2nd Term
For this special One on One, Kash joins Sebastian in-studio to react to the most recent indictment against President Trump out of Georgia, how his legal team should fight back, and what must be done first in a 2nd Trump term. Read More.
Fulton County DA Claims She Does Not Know One of Her Key Job Requirements
Kash calls Fulton County, GA District Attorney Fani Willis a corrupt prosecutor. He said Willis committed a major act of incompetence that gives President Trump's legal team a way to get the indictment against him tossed in its entirety. Read More.
When Will the Deep State be Brought to Justice?
Kash joins American Sunrise to discuss looming 4th Trump indictment, Weiss’ special counsel appointment by AG Merrick Garland and when we’ll see justice brought against the deep state “government gangsters.” Read More.

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