Kash's Corner: Joint Venture Conspiracy
In the latest episode of Kash's Corner: John Durham hits Hillary's 2016 campaign with a "Join Venture Conspiracy" and Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann's defense is in shambles. Read More.
Kash Talks about President Trump's Lawsuit
Watch Kash discuss President Trump's new lawsuit on his recent appearance on The Charlie Kirk Show. Read More.
Kash Patel on The Mel K Show
Kash Patel discusses Obama Crimes and Ukraine-Hunter Biden ties on The Mel K Show Read More.
Kash Patel: Durham Filings on Clinton Campaign Texts
John Durham filings on Clinton campaign texts, ‘proves Democrats, Hillary Clinton campaign’ push politics over security at the FBI. Read More.
Special Counsel John Durham Filing: United States v. Michael Sussmann
The United States of America, by and through its attorney, Special Counsel John H. Durham, respectfully moves in limine for the admission and exclusion of certain evidence at trial. Read More.
Trey Gowdy and Kash discuss FBI corruption on Sunday Night in America
Former Congressman Trey Gowdy and Kash discuss the FBI, corruption and how to fix the FBI. Read More.
This is how Hillary Clinton broke federal law
Kash Patel of The Center for Renewing America blasts Clinton over the Steele Dossier on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' Read More.
Kash's Corner: Hunter Biden Laptop Disinformation; Clinton Campaign and DNC Fined
In this latest episode of Kash's Corner, we discuss the growing Russia-China-Iran alliance, shifting alliances in the Middle East, and Special Counsel John Durham’s latest filing. Read More.
Corrupt Media Mashup
A mashup video of spliced together example of lies from the fake news media. Read More.
BREAKING: Fiona Hill Connected to Arrested and Charged Dossier Sub-Source
Accountability Week , Day 5: Fiona Hill lied about Trump's Ukraine phone call and gave false testimony to Congress. Hill is the hub of Russiagate...Danchenko (the indicted Steele Dossier sub-source) worked for Hill at the Brookings Institute. Christopher Steele was her show pony. She bogusly got Trump impeached after unlawfully getting him surveilled. Read More.
Hillary Clinton's campaign 'broke federal law': Kash Patel
Patel said if another campaign did the same thing the FEC would have fined them 'tens of millions of dollars' Read More.
Why Does Barr Let Wray Lie and Flout the Law?
Day 4 of Accountability Week spotlights the failures of FBI Director Christopher Wray and former Attorney General Bill Barr. Both men could have restored the FBI and DOJ, the most corrupt agencies in government, but instead sold hot garbage. Wray claimed Russiagate wasn't spying, FISA wasn't abused, and his head of cyber doesn't know where Hunter Biden's laptop is. Barr is on a book tour castigating Trump for all things Russia and Biden. Yet, as AG, he was given a briefing by DNI Ratcliffe proving Hunter's laptop was NOT Russian disinformation and said NOTHING. Read More.
Kash Speaks with Newsmax's Greg Kelly to Discuss the Latest on Hunter Biden's Laptop
Kash joins Greg Kelly Reports on Newsmax to discuss the latest embarrassing developments with Hunter Biden and the "Laptop from Hell" - including Rep. Matt Gaetz entering the contents of the laptop into the Congressional Record! Read More.
Intel Sources: CIA Director Gina Haspel Banking on Trump Loss to Keep Russiagate Documents Hidden
Day 3 of Accountability Week highlights the failed leadership of "Deep State" actor and former CIA Director, Gina Haspel. In 2016 Haspel was the head of CIA-London. Is it a coincidence that that's when the FBI launched their bogus Russiagate hoax investigation? It all happened under her watch, with her approval. She buried her involvement in RUSSIA GATE - blocked the release of critical docs, all still classified. Lied to DNI and Trump and leaked to the Fake News Media. Haspel is the CIA's Rosenstein! Read More.
Tucker Carlson: The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Should Be Fired
Day 2 of Accountability Week exposes the failed leadership and political corruption of woke General and national embarrassment: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley! The law forbids Milley from entering the chain of command or politics. But that didn't stop him from trashing Donald Trump in interviews with leftwing journalists instead of continuing the president's Afghanistan withdrawal, promising the Chinese Communist Party he'd give them advanced warning of an attack, likening January 6 protestors to Nazis, and blaming white rage for everything. Read More.

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