Kash’s Corner: How Clinton-Connected Tech Exec Spied on White House to Mine Trump Info
In this week's episode of Kash's Corner, Kash and Jan talk about how the most recent Durham filing show that a Clinton-Connected Tech Exec Spied on the White House to Mine Trump Info Read More.
How they spied on the Trump White House.
Sebastian talks to Kash Patel, former Chief of Staff at the Department of Defense and investigator with the House Intelligence Committee, about the true extent of the efforts to spy on the Trump campaign and the Trump White House. Read More.
Kash to Lou Dobbs: MORE Durham Charges Ahead!
Kash Patel says more Special Counsel indictments are coming, showing the Hillary Campaign led a conspiracy enterprise to spy on President Trump. Kash believes conspiracy “goes all the way to the top.” Read More.
Kash's Trump Interview Cited by Daily Mail in Article on Durham Investigation
Citing Kash's exclusive interview with President Trump on Kash's Corner, the Daily Mail quoted Trump that there's "a lot coming" regarding John Durham's special counsel investigation into the FBI's probe on alleged Russia collusion. Read More.
Kash Patel Drops BOMBS on Durham Investigation and Grand Jury
Kash Patel joined Greg Kelly Monday night to discuss the latest Durham release that the Clinton Campaign and Dems were spying on the Trump Campaign and later his White House. Read More.
EXPOSED: Hillary Clinton's Secret Spy Operation w/ Kash Patel
Charlie Kirk is joined by Kash Patel to break down the analysis of the new bombshell filing from the Durham Investigation which shows without a shadow of a doubt that the Hillary Clinton campaign illegally spied on Donald Trump, both during his campaign and while he was president. Read More.
2-12-22 Kash Statement on Durham
Kash's official statement regarding Special Counsel John Durham's February 11th filing that definitively shows ... Read More.
Kash Patel Joins Newsmax to Discuss Russia-Ukraine Situation
Kash Patel joins Newsmax's Wake Up America to comment on Biden admin officials' warnings of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Read More.
Kash Patel Discusses Biden's Iran Nuclear Deal on America's Newsroom
Kash Patel joins Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino on FNC's America's Newsroom to comment on a letter sent by 33 GOP Senators to President Biden threatening to block implementation of any new nuclear deal with Iran not first approved by Congress. Read More.
Kash Patel on How You Can Help the Truckers
Sebastian talks to former Chief of Staff for the Secretary of Defense Kash Patel about GoFundMe's theft of the funds donated to the Canadian truckers, and how his new payment processor,, will fight for censorship-free fundraising. Read More.
Exclusive Interview with President Trump | Kash Patel
In this exclusive interview, Trump and Kash—who previously served as a top White House aide and Pentagon chief-of-staff—discuss the state of the country. Read More.
Kash Patel joins Hannity to preview his interview with Donald Trump.
I joined Hannity tonight to preview my exclusive interview with Donald Trump. Read More.
Jan. 6 defendant requests subpoena for Trump to be trial witness
A defendant facing multiple charges related to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot requested a subpoena Friday for former President Donald Trump... Read More.
Ex-Trump official Patel: Russia, China won't invade but will exploit Biden's 'weakened posture in the world'
Kash discusses recent showdown between the US with Russia, commenting that he believes, China won’t invade Taiwan, but rather thinks that China and Russia “are operating off of the same playbook.” Read More.
If the call was so great, why not release it?
Kash Patel on the Administration not releasing the President Joe Biden's phone call with Ukraine's President - Via Newsmax's 'The Chris Salcedo Show.' Read More.

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