Kash on Kimmel, and Living Rent Free
Kash is living rent-free in Kimmel's head! Read More.
Kash Requests All Docs Be Released Re: Jan6 Oval Office Meeting
Kash tells Hannity he's requesting that all docs released from Jan6 Oval Office meeting. Read More.
SOURCE MATERIAL: All exhibits from USA v. Sussmann
SOURCE MATERIAL: All exhibits from USA v. Sussmann Read More.
Kash with Sebastian Gorka: Bigger than Watergate Ever Was
Sebastian Gorka details the Clinton Criminal Cartel and welcomes Kash to discuss if there's a way to take down the Deep State after Michael Sussman walks free. Read More.
Meme of the day thread: June 6-10
Truth Social and the #KashKrew teaming up for some of the absolute best memes. Read More.
Durham Watch Article Thread June 6-10
Everything that you need to know about the Durham investigations in one place. Read More.
Kash Patel with Zak Paine on the Sussman Verdict
Kash talks to Zak Paine about the Michael Sussman verdict, the upcoming Igor Danchenko trial and more on the Red Pill 78 News podcast. Read More.
Newsmax: Michael Sussmann Told Me He Went to the FBI for the Clinton Campaign
Kash tells to Newsmax's Chris Salcedo Michael Sussmann told him under oath that he went to the FBI on behalf of the Hillary Clinton campaign. Read More.
Newsmax Interview: Google TRIED to Shut Me Down
Google suspended our ad campaign for our new book, The Plot Against The King, written by Kash Patel. When will Big Tech stop suppressing conservative voices? Read More.
Kash’s Corner: Sussmann Case Exposed Sweeping Evidence of Abuse | TEASER
From the latest episode of Kash's Corner: The acquittal of ex-Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann was “a straight-up case of jury nullification… which basically says we don’t care what the facts are, we’re going to find you not guilty anyway,” argues Kash Patel. The jury’s short deliberation time means “they didn’t really look at the evidence.” Read More.
Kash Patel: Two More Durham Indictments Before Danchenko Trial
Kash joined Newsmax to discuss the fallout from the Michael Sussmann trial and the next steps for John Durham. Read More.
#DurhamWatch thread June 3, 2022
Everything you need to know involving the Durham investigations Read More.
Kash Patel Joins Diamond and Silk to Discuss His New Book The Plot Against the King and More
Kash joined Diamond and Silk to discuss his new children's book The Plot Against the King - a fantastical retelling of Hillary Clinton’s plot against Donald Trump that the whole family will enjoy - and much more! Read More.
Post acquittal meme thread
All of your favorite memes Read More.
Post Acquittal #DurhamWatch Thread
All of the content surrounding reactions from the Michael Sussmann acquittal Read More.

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