Kash Destroys J-6 Committee's Star Witness Cassidy Hutchinson in 3 Minutes
Kash joins a panel on Hannity! on June 28th and absolutely destroys J-6 Committee's star witness Cassidy Hutchinson. Read More.
Who is Christopher Steele?
Full bio on Christopher Steele Read More.
4,000 Miles for 2,000 MORE Signatures
The BRAVE road warriors are back, and this time they are meeting Kash Patel in Las Vegas to sign 2,000 more copies of The Plot Against The King. Read More.
Clarence Thomas signals interest in making it easier to sue media
Clarence Thomas signals interest in making it easier to sue media Read More.
Roe v. Wade: Life wins thread
The official Roe v. Wade thread Read More.
Kash Patel's Return Appearance on the Mel K Show
Kash joined the Mel K Show on June 24th to discuss how to reclaim Truth & Justice in America. Read More.
The Devin Nunes Podcast Returns With Kash Patel!
Kash joins The Devin Nunes Podcast on its return episode Thursday, June 23rd. Read More.
BREAKING: @UndeadFoia has obtained some VITAL #DurhamWatch source documentation.
New: I have obtained unredacted copies of the invoices paid by Georgia Tech. Read More.
Kash Patel Brings the Fire on His Glory Podcast: Declassification Starting Next Week
Kash on the His Glory Podcast: "They want to say, oh, Russiagate's over. Donald's not over it hasn't even begun." Read More.
Kash Joins Gracetime TV to Discuss RussiaGate, the 2nd Amendment, SCOTUS Decisions and More!
Kash joins Mary Grace of Gracetime TV to talk about the Russia Gate hoax, the 2nd Amendment, recent and upcoming Supreme Court rulings as well as other national issues. Read More.
Durham Watch: US v Danchenko, Protective Order Granted
Protective Order granted as to Igor Y. Danchenko. Signed by District Judge Anthony J Trenga on 06/22/2022 Read More.
Justice: Former DeSantis opponent Andrew Gillum indicted on multiple fraud charges
The guy who ran against Ron DeSantis has just been hit my a legal HAMMER. Read More.

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