Kash Patel: It's completely UNCONSTITUTIONAL.
Kash Patel gives his legal take on the "loosening" of former President Donald J. Trump's gag order in the federal "election interference" case. Read More.
Kash Patel: This is disgustingly criminal.
Kash Patel joins Fox Business to discuss the surge in threats against the Jewish community in the United States following the war in the Middle East. Read More.
Kash Patel: Not a single good thing has come out of the Biden, Xi meeting
On Fox Business segment, The Bottom Line with Dagen & Duffy, former Deputy Director of National Intelligence, Kash Patel commented on Biden and Xi's visit in San Francisco, California, "Not a single good thing has come out of the meeting. " Read More.
VIDEO: 45 authorized National Guard, Cheney caught lying
A mash up of Liz Cheney lying about Former Acting Sec. of Defense statements on 45s action on Jan 6. Note: The interview with Kash and Sec. of Defense Chris Miller took place weeks before the interview with Liz Cheney. Read More.
Hillary Clinton's campaign 'broke federal law': Kash Patel
Patel said if another campaign did the same thing the FEC would have fined them 'tens of millions of dollars' Read More.
Kash’s Corner: Why Is the Biden Admin Still Seeking Russia’s Help to Finalize Iran Nuclear Deal?
America’s traditional allies in the Middle East, from Saudi Arabia to the United Arab Emirates, are turning away from America... Read More.
Kash’s Corner: How Clinton-Connected Tech Exec Spied on White House to Mine Trump Info
In this week's episode of Kash's Corner, Kash and Jan talk about how the most recent Durham filing show that a Clinton-Connected Tech Exec Spied on the White House to Mine Trump Info Read More.
Kash’s Corner: A Coup Was Never a Possibility; Gen. Milley Overstepping His Authority
“For him to meddle in any political appointment violates the very definition of what the chairman is supposed to be: an apolitical, uniformed military officer,” says Kash Patel. Read More.
Kash Patel: Milley's Conduct is Egregious and Violates the Constitution
Kash Patel and Joe Concha join Mark Levin on Life, Liberty & Levin tonight, September 19 at 8pm eastern on Fox News. Read More.

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