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Kash Patel BraveTV Interview - Full

By: Dr. Jason Dean | Source: BraveTV

Kash Patel on the the Dr. Jason Dean Show on BraveTV - Full Episode

Kash Patel: The Biden Administration has Left Us Weakened

By: John Bachman | Source: NEWSMAX | John Bachman Now

"They just don't know what to do after the Afghan disaster and they're hearing that that's going to happen in the Ukraine again because they have left us weakened when it comes to national security" says Kash Patel.

Joe Pags Interview with Kash Patel

By: Joe Pags | Source: The Joe Pags Show

Joe Pags speaks with Kash about calling out the fact checkers, websites who claim to fact check, January 6th, Ukraine, and much more.

Kash in the Media

Kash Patel: Milley's Conduct is Egregious and Violates the Constitution
White House official sues Politico for $25M over Ukraine story
The Plot Against the President - Trailer #1
The Plot Against the President - Trailer #2
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