Kash on The Monica Crowley Podcast: What It Takes to Feel Good About America Again
Monica invites Kash Patel for an interview to take apart the Durham investigation and discuss his new children's book about Trump. And she dips into the email bag! Read More.
"Prophets and Patriots” Episode 5 with Kash Patel and Steve Shultz
Steve Shultz interviews Kash Patel for "Prophets and Patriots". Kash discusses current intel from the national level, speaking the truth behind current events and encouraging the saints to boldly stand together. Read More.
#DurhamWatch article thread June 13-18
Your #DurhamWatch article thread. Your one stop shop in staying up to date on the biggest corruption investigation of the century, involving the FBI, CIA, main stream media and the Hillary Clinton for President campaign. Read More.
Kash on The Sean Hannity Show: America's Tiered Society
Kash Patel, author of the new, best selling children’s book, The Plot Against the King shows us just how two tiered our society truly is - Hunter Biden, Antifa, violent protesters all commit crimes and walk free while Liz Cheney claims there is a crime in search of a criminal, and any Trump supporting republican will fit the bill. Read More.
Kash Patel on Jan. 6 Timeline: Trump Authorized 20K National Guard Two Days Before | Kash's Corner TEASER
In the Season 4 finale of Kash’s Corner, we dive into the January 6th Capitol breach, issues of censorship and national security, and what’s next in the Durham investigation. Read More.
Kash Dismantles False Dem Narrative: Pelosi REFUSED Protection Offered on Jan 6th
Kash sat down with Fox's Sean Hannity to discuss how many in the intelligence community recommended increased security at the U.S. Capitol, but congressional leadership refused. Read More.
Journey to the Center of the TRUTH: 4,000 Miles for 4,000 Signatures
The BRAVE road warriors drive from Houston to San Francisco to deliver 4,000 copies of Plot Against the King to Kash Patel to be signed. Read More.
Armed Man Arrested Near Kavanaugh’s Home
Kash slams the media for downplaying the threat against Brett Kavanaugh’s life in NewsmaxTV interview. Read More.
Kash on Kimmel, and Living Rent Free
Kash is living rent-free in Kimmel's head! Read More.
Kash Requests All Docs Be Released Re: Jan6 Oval Office Meeting
Kash tells Hannity he's requesting that all docs released from Jan6 Oval Office meeting. Read More.
SOURCE MATERIAL: All exhibits from USA v. Sussmann
SOURCE MATERIAL: All exhibits from USA v. Sussmann Read More.
Kash with Sebastian Gorka: Bigger than Watergate Ever Was
Sebastian Gorka details the Clinton Criminal Cartel and welcomes Kash to discuss if there's a way to take down the Deep State after Michael Sussman walks free. Read More.
Meme of the day thread: June 6-10
Truth Social and the #KashKrew teaming up for some of the absolute best memes. Read More.
Durham Watch Article Thread June 6-10
Everything that you need to know about the Durham investigations in one place. Read More.

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