Kash on Prime Time with Dr. Gina: NY AG Letitia James’ Lawsuit Another ‘Get Trump’ Scheme
Kash joins Dr. Gina to discuss NY AG Letitia James’ lawsuit against President Trump: “It’s a fiction. It’s another ‘Get Trump’ scheme which will likely explode in her face.” Read More.
Don't Miss Kash's Guest Appearance on GraceTime TV's September 27th Episode
Kash joins Mary Grace of GraceTime TV to dish on the latest with John Durham and much more! Read More.
Kash on Conservative Daily: Durham Bombs, Deep State Desperation, and The Plot Against the King
Check out Kash's full interview with host Joe Oltmann on Conservative Daily where he discusses a full range of topics, including Durham Bombs, Deep State Desperation, and his best-selling children's book, The Plot Against the King. Read More.
Prophets & Patriots: Episode 26 with Special Guest Kash Patel
In his return appearance on "Prophets and Patriots," Kash discusses the latest revelation about our nation, speaking the truth behind current events, and encouraging the saints to boldly stand together. Read More.
Kash Weighs-In on the FBI's Unprecedented Raid of President Trump's Mar-a-Lago
Kash sits down for a quick chat w/ Mercedes Schlapp, conservative host of America Uncanceled on the new fast-growing streaming service CPAC Now. Read More.
Don't Miss Kash's Guest Appearance on Angela's Soap Box
Kash joins Angela Box, host of Angela's Soap Box, for a long-form conversation that covers everything from the MAGA movement and his former boss President Donald J. Trump to DC Swamp corruption and Deep State injustice, AND much much more! Read More.
Government’s Reply to Defendant Igor Danchenko’s Opposition to the Government’s Motions in Limine
The United States of America, by and through its attorney, Special Counsel John H. Durham, respectfully submits this reply to the defendant’s Opposition to the Government’s Motions In Limine. Read More.
Request for Authorization to bring electronic device(s) into the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia
In this phase of the United States of America v. Igor Danchenko case, a request for authorization to bring electronic device(s) into the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia was made. Read More.
Defendant Igor Danchenko’s Reply in Support of Motion to Dismiss the Indictment for Failure to State an Offense
Defendant Igor Danchenko’s replies in support of motion to dismiss the indictment for failure to state an offense Read More.
USA v. Danchenko Appearance of Counsel
Noah Cherry appears in this case as counsel for the defendant Igor Y. Danchenko. Read More.
Kash Joins the Julie Green Ministries Podcast to Discuss All Thing Trump and Deep State
Kash talks about his time working with President Trump, the latest on the Deep State, and the future of the MAGA movement. Read More.
Kash on The Glenn Beck Podcast: Deep State EXPOSED
Kash Patel has seen the Deep State up close, both from high-ranking positions within the Trump administration and as one of its victims, as he describes in his book, “The Plot Against the King.” Read More.
Kash on Making Sense of the Madness: The Red Wave
In this episode of MSOM, Sean Morgan interviews Kash about the top stories that will expose corruption and wake up the normies. Read More.
The Plot Against The King With Kash Patel And Charlie Ward
Check out Kash's appearance on The Charlie Ward Show. Read More.
The Plot Against The King Ft. John Rich, Jeffrey Steele, Vicky McGehee
Beethoven/Scorsese/Salinger have just been retired- we partnered with country music legend @JohnRich for #PATK Ultra Ballad Video Smash: Sing along & grab a copy of @ThePlotAgainstTheKing books skyrocketing to No. 1 Read More.

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