Kash on O'Connor Tonight
Kash joins O'Connor Tonight to discuss the twitter hearings, the BIG problem with Jim Baker and how Yoel Roth has the WORST legal team of all time. Read More.
Kash on Patriot Streetfighter: Government Gangsters and the Takedown of a President
This much awaited interview with Trump Chief of Staff Kash Patel featuring ReAwaken America Tour Founder Clay Clark. Battling the Government Gangsters. Read More.
Kash Dismantles Biden's Disastrous State of the Union Speech
Kash joins American Sunrise on Real America's Voice to dismantle Biden's disastrous State of the Union speech from the previous night. Read More.
RussiaGate Reckoning Wouldn’t be Necessary if the Media Didn’t Lie
Media was a 'disinformation machine for the left-wing agenda' during the Russia probe, Kash Patel says Read More.
Kash Returns as Special Guest on the Devin Nunes Podcast: Episode 245
Kash joins as special guest on the Devin Nunes Podcast: Episode 245 - Monday, February 6th, 2023. Read More.
Kash Joins Just The News No Noise to Discuss the Hunter Biden Laptop, Durham and More!
Kash joins Amanda Head and guest co-host Doug Collins to discuss the latest surrounding the Hunter Biden laptop, Durham’s Investigation into the origins of the #RussiaHoax and more! Read More.
Kash on Hunter Biden Laptop: "They Are Trying his Case in the Court of Public Opinion"
Kash argues Hunter Biden’s litigation regarding Hunter Biden laptop is an attempt at blame shifting. Read More.
Hunter Biden Investigation a "Classic Example" of Victimization
Kash tells American Sunrise that the Hunter Biden investigation against conservatives would play out very differently were this a Trump investigation. Read More.
Kash Explains How Congress Can Get FBI and DOJ to Comply with Subpoenas
Kash joins the #WarRoom and shares how Congressional committees can get the FBI and DOJ to comply with subpoenas by withholding department funding. Read More.
Kash Joins Tomi Lahren to Discuss Government Gangsters
Kash RIPS Shady Biden Officials Covering Up Classified Documents Read More.
Kash: Ds in Process of Removing Biden and Patriots Have Leverage to Get it All
Kash begins the conversation the FBI who was arrested for colluding with Russia. The discussion then moves to the Biden classified docs, these docs have to do with Hunter’s business dealings. Biden is a liability and they are in the process of removing him. The patriots have the leverage and the ability to get it all by using a tactic called fencing. Read More.
Kash Explains Why Reps. Schiff and Swalwell Should Not Be on Intel Committee
Kash explains the potential risks of letting Representatives Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell sit on the House Intelligence Committee. Read More.
FBI criminal government gangsters Peter Strzok and Charles McGonigal texts unearthed, Russiagate set up exposed
FBI criminal government gangsters Peter Strzok and Charles McGonigal texts unearthed, and the Russiagate set up exposed Read More.
Mark Warner Texted With Russian Oligarch Lobbyist in Effort To Contact Christopher Steele
Sen. Mark Warner, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee who has been leading a congressional investigation into President Trump's alleged ties to Russia, had extensive contact last year with a lobbyist for a Russian oligarch who was offering Warner access to former British spy and dossier author Christopher Steele, according to text messages obtained exclusively by Fox News. Read More.
KASH PATEL: Hunter Biden’s Access To Classified Docs Should Concern Everyone. Here’s How We Get To The Bottom Of It
The two-tier justice system in our country has never been more evident than in recent weeks following revelations regarding President Biden’s reported criminal mishandling of classified documents. Read More.

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