Plot Against the King - Audiobook Preview

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  • Source: Rumble
  • 08/01/2022
The audiobook you've been waiting for has finally arrived. Enjoy The Plot Against the King in a whole new way narrated by the very talented, Douglas Thornton.

Kash Patel, a key player in uncovering one of our nation's biggest injustices tells the whole story—for kids!
Kash partners with Beacon of Freedom Publishing House, an imprint of BRAVE Books, to bring a fantastical retelling of Hillary’s horrible plot against Trump to the whole family.

Full of fake heralds and keeper Komey’s spying slugs, this is a story of daring and danger. But never fear! Kash the Distinguished Discoverer will win the day.

Get the audiobook of "Plot Against the King" HERE!

Plot Against the King by is licensed under Rumble

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