Kash Lauds Indian American Conservatives at IACT gala

As an Indian American, as a conservative, as a Republican, as a national security guy, as a guy who doesn’t do politics, and never did, and is never going to run for office, it was shocking to me to learn that you could be disqualified automatically from serving your country because you believe in the constitution and the rule of law and putting America first,” said Kashyap Pramod “Kash” Patel.

Patel was the featured keynote speaker at the Indo American Conservatives of Texas (IACT) gala at Safari Texas Ranch in Richmond on Aug. 26.

Noticing the cross section of the audience in attendance at the gala demonstrating the community’s diversity, Patel, who met with many of the guests one- to-one before his address, said, “Look around this room and there are people from every single background here in South(east) Texas. They don’t put rooms together like this in New York City or other communist republics and you guys are doing it. I do events all over the country and I’m so proud to do it for ethnic groups of all kinds, but rarely do I get to see a diverse crowd like this. It’s truly, truly amazing. …and people should know that it happens in Texas. I’m going to tell them.”

Patel said he was humbled by the IACT invitation and “I could not be prouder as an Indian American to receive my first ever invitation from any Indian American group in the country and it’s right here.”

He said that only one minority ever in U.S. history has been chief of staff of the Department of Defense and only one in U.S. history has been the Director of National Intelligence and only one minority has ever been the Deputy Assistant for counterterrorism, and that was him. He was selected by President Trump for all three posts, “not Obama, not Bush, not Clinton, not Carter…Trump,” he said and “anyone who says he (Trump) is racist, look at this room and his work.”

IACT COMMITTEE MEMBERS. Sujeeth Draksharam, left, Paresh Jain, Ramana Reddy, Madhu Sekeran, Kumari Sasurla, Ramesh Cherivirala, Bijay Dixit, Kash Patel, Radha Dixit, Swapan Dhairyawan, Fort Bend County GOP Chair Bobby Eberle, Nikita Khambe and Upendra Sahu.

While Patel worked under the Trump administration, the department of national security exposed corruption, which he said has not stopped six years later.

Patel found out that day that he had been named in a federal search warrant. Yet, six years ago, he said “a political party in the United States of America in 2016 paid and laundered money through the intelligence community and federal law enforcement programs to hijack a federal court, lie to them intentionally, and wire tap their political opponent. That’s what happened…in 2016…in America, not in some third world banana republic and of course, the fake news mafia came in and said absolutely not …this is what they do.”

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