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Kash Patel joins Megyn Kelly to discuss the start of the presidential cycle

By: Kash Patel & Megyn Kelly | Source: The Megyn Kelly Show

Former Chief of Staff to the Department of Defense, Kash Patel, joins Megyn Kelly to discuss the bumpy start to the presidential cycle.


By: Kash Patel | Source: The Fight with Kash Foundation

The Kash Foundation is Mission First, all day every day. We provide support to brave Patriots who protect our nation while the radical left and government gangsters destroy the essence of our republic with their two tier system of justice. Having a charitable foundation is not a monopoly they own. We are committed to the truth and give financial assistance to those in need, especially the courageous Americans who shed sunlight on government corruption. We will never stop our Mission, join us.

Durham's Disaster

By: Kash Patel | Source: Epoch Times

Special Counsel John Durham’s long-awaited report is a massive disappointment. He lays out reams of long-established facts in a comprehensive manner that will prove useful to posterity, but his utter failure to hold corrupt coup-plotters accountable will only further embolden Deep State government gangsters. Durham had the rarest of opportunities: to restore faith in what is left of our republic. I was Durham’s biggest champion. He failed.

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