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The fundraising focus has changed from the Kash Patel Legal Offense Trust to the broader K$H foundation with an expanded mission to a variety of efforts including education, youth development projects, and veterans assistance. All money raised via K$H merchandise will benefit these great causes. The Kash Foundation is properly operating as a not for profit organization, and has been approved by the IRS for a 501c3 designation. Bear with us as we transition our website, and all of our affiliated links, from the Trust to the 501c3. 


The Plot Against The King Ft. John Rich, Jeffrey Steele, Vicky McGehee

By: Team Kash | Source:

Beethoven/Scorsese/Salinger have just been retired- we partnered with country music legend @JohnRich for #PATK Ultra Ballad Video Smash: Sing along & grab a copy of @ThePlotAgainstTheKing books skyrocketing to No. 1

Kash goes on Bannon's WAR ROOM, announces book sequel!

By: Team Kash | Source: Steve Bannon's War Room

Kash Patel goes on the war room to discuss the release of his new book The Plot Against the King 2.

Kash in the Media

Kids Book Exposes Russiagate Criminal Conspiracy | The Plot Against the King OUT NOW!
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